Get This!

1972 | United Kingdom

If the internal combustion engine had been designed to function on custard, British housewives could keep all London's buses running for two years on their annual output. If all the eggs eaten in the United Kingdom in one year were cracked into a vast bowl and whisked into an omelette, it would cover the city of Birmingham. And if two and-a-half million life-sized models of actor Harry Fowler were made of jelly, it would take 50 million pints-equal to Britain's annual jelly consumption. 

The real un-wobbly Harry Fowler and Kenny Lynch co-introduced Get This! from Southern Television. The series looked at the extremist world of the largest, smallest, the fastest, the funniest, the craziest, the zaniest. Fantastic? Yes-but all the fantasy was based on fact. The figures were there for anyone to work out. The rest was sheer imagination. Every week Get This! featured such imaginative use of everyday facts. The golden tones of Bob Danvers-Walker was also heard on this afternoon series aimed at teenagers. 

Get This TV Times cover

Published on December 18th, 2018. Based on original TV Times article.