My Son Rueben

1975 | United Kingdom

There's no love, they say, like a mother's love; and no strings like those on a mother's apron. When it comes to mums, Reuben Greenberg (Bernard Spear) is unlikely ever to master his own affairs. Any affair he might care to master romantically is guaranteed a veto - Momma (Lila Kaye) will see to that. Reuben runs a successful laundry business...but if he were ever to press his suit elsewhere - other than to a nice Jewish girl of his mother's choice - mother would move heaven and earth to repel his advances. Momma's Jewish neighbour Vera Caplan (Stella Tanner) has a daughter, Ruth (Caroline Bernstein), who has all the qualifications for an ideal match. Unfortunately for her - or him, Rueben has fallen for Betty Smith (Jo Rowbottom). "If you ever get any ideas about marriage" Momma tells Reuben "I'll give you a wedding present you won't forget - an inviation to your mother's funeral!" 

Writer Vince Powell who had co-written Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width, presented another cross-culture ethnic comedy - the star of this series (Spear) had also appeared in that one, too.

Published on January 9th, 2019. Written by Based on original TV Times article and adapted for Television Heaven.