Who Is Sylvia?

1967 | United Kingdom

In February 1967, dressed in top hat and tails, TV Times magazine photographed diminutive comedian Charlie Drake and he spoke about his new series, Who is Sylvia?, a seven-part situation comedy that he'd been writing with Donald Churchill for seven months. 

"This time I am not a little man looking for a job like I was in The Worker," he said. "I am the little man looking for love; looking for Sylvia, the perfect little lady, haunting marriage bureaux, not employment exchanges." 

Every episode of Who is Sylvia? featured Charlie finding a shoe, a bit like Prince Charming looking for his Cinderella, with perhaps a promise that Charlie may someday find his true love. Kathleen Byron played the marriage bureau secretary, Mrs Proudpiece, helping Charles Rameses Drake to find the perfect mate. Unfortunately, despite the pair's best efforts and intentions, he seemed destined to never find his Sylvia. 

Published on February 12th, 2019. Based on 1967 TV Times article.